Microphone Snobs TF2

A community that encourages (quality) microphone use. Your microphone doesn't need to be a Neumann, but please turn off your garbage disposal and vacuum before talking.

The TF2 community that is NOT garbage! We don't have a ton of pointless plugins that give you single digit fps. There are no ads in our MOTD. No donator privileges.

We don't have many rules, but racism, homophobia and generally being antagonistic towards other players will earn druggings, kicks and/or bans.

Please do not spray porn sprays.


Discord server

Discord invite.

You can also join the reports channel immediately to report a player.

Steam group

Steam group.


Team voice chat

MicSnobs TF2 has team voice chat installed! Put this in your autoexec to use it:

alias +teamonly "+teamtalk;+voicerecord"
alias -teamonly "-teamtalk;-voicerecord"
bind f +teamonly
bind v +voicerecord